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Strategically important facilities have significantly higher requirements for technical security systems than in an average building. It is possible to realise these with the help of integrated security systems, combining security systems, building management systems, and separate specific solutions (such as, radio radar, thermo camera, and optical video camera integration for optimal security of a facility’s perimeter) into a single whole.

Likewise, they also require a significantly higher level of management for achieving maximum effectiveness. Integrated security systems provide system synergy, one enhancing another: individually, they can identify a fire or look for unlawful activity, but an integrated system looks for unlawful activity and any other incidents, thus gaining additional information that helps save time in averting an emergency situation or identifing potential threats in the shortest time possible.

The main benefits of using integrated security systems is saved time, reliability, easy use, and – most importantly – increased security. An integrated security system that is set up in a facility helps to operatively receive information about an emergency situation, to easily and transparently follow it on one management screen, and to react to it in order to solve it as fast as possible, creating optimal security for people in the facility.

Manufacturers already initially offer the possibility to integrate systems, but if manufacturers do not provide this possibility, then it is possible to look for software of a third party manufacturer with which to combine video surveillance, fire detection, and other systems into a single management model. Upon consultation with our experts, we will be able to tell whether your current systems can be integrated, we will suggest ways for executing integration most effectively, and we will calculate possible costs for integration.