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In the case when the design for the data centre has already been developed, but the client wishes to make certain that the current design corresponds to the defined requirements and needs, the Citrus Solutions expert group can be an independent assessor that makes an independent audit of the project at this stage.

As a result of an audit, an assessment of the existing situation is provided, that, based on critically essential factors, indicates project compliance with defined requirements, identifies inconsistencies and risks, and provides suggestions on how to improve specific aspects of the data centre. As a result, the client ascertains whether the data centre has been designed according to defined requirements and will serve its intended purposes.

By identifying shortcomings in the project early on, we can help the client construct a maximally efficient data centre. We can also provide a solution for optimisation of the client’s existing infrastructure, for example, combining several separate data centres for project realisation in order to provide a significantly increased efficiency.