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The technical solutions for security systems can be categorised into fire alarm, security alarm, video surveillance, access control, and public notification systems. All systems can be integrated into a single system, thus achieving maximum benefit in terms of savings and use effectiveness. It is not uncommon that integrated security systems are erroneously mistaken for the Building Management System (BMS). The Building Management System stands for solutions for an effective and convenient use of buildings. This system accounts for, balances off and adapts various systems, such as the climate equipment – heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting systems, as well as water resource consumption for users’ needs. Conversely, integrated security systems integrate security systems, as well as the Building Management Systeminto a single system. Consequently, they have a considerably higher management level, resulting in greater efficiency. Manufacturers often offer the option of integrating systems. Where manufacturers do not offer that, it is always possible to find the software of a third-party manufacturer with which to integrate the video surveillance, fire detection, as well as other systems into a single management model.

An access control system is mandatory for anyone who wants to feel secure about their property and to control the flow of their staff or customers. The access control system is often integrated with the security system, thus achieving that these systems interact, resulting in a high security level.

A public notification system provides voice notification to the building and area visitors or employees in cases when important information needs to be announced or if emergency situations have arisen in public buildings or areas. Public notification systems are always used along with the fire detection and notification system, because using voice notification enables an efficient organisation of the evacuation of people.

A fire detection and alarm notification system ensures a timely detection of a fire and the notification of the alarm which enables to avoid perishing of people and tangible resources. It must be in place in all public buildings, warehouses, production areas, and newly constructed residential buildings under the existing regulating documents of the Federal Republic of Germany. A fire alarm system can be integrated into the Building Management System, thus presenting additional control opportunities for the manager of the building.

A video surveillance system ensures the visual monitoring of the activities in the premises or the area and the recording thereof on a 24-hour basis. A video surveillance system is used most effectively when it is integrated with other security systems, such as security, access control, fire alarm detection and notification systems. In such a case, in addition to alarm signals from other systems, information in the form of a visual recording is obtained, which allows to fully restore the sequence of the occurrence of an unauthorised action or an unplanned event, as well as identify the persons involved.

The world’s leading manufacturers of security systems have begun offering intelligent video surveillance. These solutions have gained enormous popularity in many countries of the world, because in comparison to the traditional video surveillance the advantage of the intelligent video surveillance lies in that it itself – due to the pre-programmed criteria – identifies the occurrence of a suspicious or dangerous situation and alerts people to this. For example, upon noticing graffiti being drawn on the wall of the building or a car driving in the wrong direction on a one-way street.

Security systems are mandatory for anyone who wants to feel secure about their property. It ensures a timely forwarding of information to the security firm upon identifying an unauthorised entrance into the premises or the area.

We offer a complete design, construction, and maintenance of security systems, as well as perform warranty maintenance. The work is performed by the company’s trained and certified specialists. In our solutions, we use the products manufactured only by certified system manufacturers of the Federal Republic of Germany.