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Citrus Solutions certified specialists perform both technical inspection and detailed engineering survey of buildings to assess their compliance with essential requirements, determine causes and scope of existing damage and necessary measures for remediation of damage.

During engineering surveys we examine visible defects of buildings, both visually and by measurements. If necessary, we perform geotechnical survey and structural load bearing capacity analysis of buildings based on detailed inspections and calculations. After the survey we prepare the conclusion on condition of buildings and compliance with building regulations.

We offer:

  • visual inspection of building
  • photo-registration of defects and preparation of damage identification plan
  • exposure, exploratory trench and drilling works, probing and measurements of building structures
  • load calculation and development of a structural calculation model
  • mycological sample tests to determine presence of deteriorating fungi
  • dynamic observation and monitoring of cracks
  • detailed survey of defects and damage in hidden structures
  • assessment of engineering systems depreciation and compliance thereof with building regulations
  • recommendations for building operation and maintenance in compliance with building regulations