Citrus Solutions GmbH – a trusted service provider for broadband network expansion and building engineering system construction in Germany.

According to customers’ needs we offer our clients integrated solutions, from evaluation of the existing situation, designing, construction services to maintenance, depending on their needs.

We carry out major projects for the construction and expansion of fiber optic infrastructure throughout Germany. We also specialize in building engineering system construction.

Between our customers are municipalities and cities, energy suppliers and network operators, as well as private companies.

Citrus Solutions GmbH was established in 2018 and is a subsidiary of Latvian SIA Citrus Solutions (anno 2005). The shareholders of the parent company Republic of Latvia (51%) and Telia Sonera (49%). 

Consolidated turnover (mn. EUR): SIA Citrus Solutions and Citrus Solutions GmbH

*- unaudited data

Turnover (mn. EUR): Citrus Solutions GmbH


In order to provide for the customers the necessary service range, Citrus Solution has concluded cooperation agreements with partners on delivery of equipment, cables, systems and technical materials, as well as on performance of construction works. Within one offer for the customers there are also offered packages of various equipment, designing and construction of telecommunication, electric power supply and other infrastructures. 

Projects, realized by Citrus Solutions, reflects the Society’s ability to integrate different solutions, as well as to control a construction of a full spectrum engineering networks, which includes also provision of complicated engineering equipment in a construction site. Administration of complicated integrated projects and ability to get adjusted individually to customer’s variable needs, especially offering the best solutions and alternatives during the project realization is also appreciated by customers.

Our values:


We dream and dare to implement our dreams. We challenge ourselves, we act and overcome obstacles! We find new approaches and methods to achieve the goal. We are true!


We see the goal and common picture and we persistently take all meaningful steps to achieve this goal. We do not give up at the first difficulties. We inquire new things, we continue self-improvement.  


We are responsible and we can rely on each other. We are demanding to ourselves and our colleagues. We are dedicated to our beliefs, our goals, our team strength and our peers.  We keep our promises, we are honest and communicate openly in case of deviations from the promise.

Our mission: We are changing the world!



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