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External telecommunications networks play a key role in the transmission of information in today’s world, with high-speed internet being particularly valued. We are carrying out optical network construction work for several German telecom operators, including those that provide 4G and 5G data speeds to their customers. Our customers also include German municipalities and cities.

Citrus Solutions carries out the construction of telecommunications networks of all types and complexities and the connection of buildings to the network throughout Germany. We provide network infrastructure from zero level as well as upgrading or extending existing networks:

  • Design of external (optical) telecommunication networks
  • Network construction
  • Building connections
  • Network maintenance

We are well-versed in a variety of telecommunications networking technologies. The most appropriate and efficient technology is used for network constructions in every situation:

  • We use mini-excavators to carry out construction work on a variety of surfaces, where we provide high-quality, compliant surface restoration afterwards.
  • Long cable runs are buried in the ground with powerful cable ploughs, allowing cables to be laid quickly and without the need for extensive excavation and renewal work.
  • To overcome obstacles where a plough or excavator cannot be used, such as crossing roads or small bodies of water, we use the horizontally-guided penetration method with appropriate equipment to ensure the insertion of the protective conduit by controlling the depth and direction of insertion.
  • In existing and newly constructed routes, we carry out fibre optic cable injection works including installation and measurement works according to customer requirements.

Network construction is part of our daily business. We carry out large-scale projects and, in order to do this efficiently and effectively, we have the right technical base, experienced specialists and stock of materials to build optical networks.  When selecting manufacturers and suppliers of materials for network construction, our main requirement is to ensure quality that meets the customer’s requirements, which is why our partners are suppliers of exclusively high quality materials.


Telecommunication and electrical networks

We carry out the construction of telecommunications (low-voltage networks) and electricity networks as required, which significantly reduces both the cost and time of construction.

This means that all communications are considered as a single set of communications in the renovation or construction projects.