External electrical networks

Citrus Solutions provides all types of electrical installation work.

Our specialists will assess the specifics of each project and offer the most cost-effective and suitable option for the project.

We offer a complete service cycle, starting with the consultation of the potential construction project, design, implementation and ending with the maintenance of the constructed network.

The process of designing an electricity network includes: drawing up a plan, including the location of the various components, coordination and author supervision.

During the construction process of electrical networks, we use the most appropriate technology for each project when laying the electrical cables in the ground.

Our team is made up of professionals who are familiar with both traditional and the latest methods and technologies.


Electrical and telecommunication networks

We carry out the construction of telecommunications (low-voltage networks) and electricity networks as required, which significantly reduces both the cost and time of construction.

Thus, all communications are considered as a single set of communications in the renovation or construction projects.